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Project – b

St Andrew’s Church, Gt Finborough, is an example of extraordinary Victorian flamboyance being largely rebuilt in 1874-77 by R.M.Phipson.  Following a substantial grant from the recent Roof Repair Fund, St Andrew’s has recently had all of its rainwater goods replaced in new bespoke cast iron goods to match the original and unique patterns.

Much of the existing guttering was failing badly and much of it had already been replaced in zinc or plastic. Fortunately, there was just enough of the original left to understand the original concept and we were able to find a suitable foundry to replicate these unusual patterns. This went so far as to replicate the handforged brackets and fixings, and to replicate the original colour scheme.

New rainwater drainage on the north side of the church was also installed to replace defective cast iron pipes!

The end result ensures St Andrew’s is now kept weathertight and restores the original appearance of this striking Victorian church.

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